A quick analysis

The 52 reports were analysed in terms of

  • the sector to which they (mainly) relate
  • their main focus
  • originator (funding or commissioning body)

The results are here:


Schools 27
A-level 4
Adult 4
Post 16 8
Primary 4
Secondary 2
HE 3


Curriculum 22
Learners 9
Landscape (and policy) 11
Teaching 10


Royal bodies 7
Government 6
Think tanks 6
Charities (e.g. Sutton Trust) 6
Niace, National Numeracy and Authentic Maths 4
DfE 6
Ofsted 3
HE 2

3 Responses to A quick analysis

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  2. Ade says:

    I saw an anomaly in the collection of the report,
    Any reference to the early years Maths education
    Also nothing originate from the Maths associations/Practitioners/
    Looking forward to The more to come that this blog promises hopefully it will addressed these areas.

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